For insurance companies

LechAssist wants to offer you cooperation in Belarus. In view of the lack of development of the market of paid medical services in Belarus cooperate directly with the clinics is difficult for foreign partners. LechAssist has partnered with all clinics in Belarus. We also have non-stop call – center that accepts messages from clinics and from insured persons. We cooperate with many insurance companies. On the insurance policies of partner companies located round the our 24\7- phone to resolve cases. This minimizes the costs of our partners in the settlement of insurance claims. Our prices are quite small. If you are interested in cooperation, we can send you a draft contract or to consider your option. Cooperation with us will solve your problems with the settlement of losses in Belarus.

Also we have a good offer to work in Bulgaria and Ukraine. In our group of companies includes medical centers in Ukraine (in particular the ski resort of Bukovel) and Bulgaria. So we can offer you exclusive conditions of to provide medical care to your customers. In Bulgaria, we have package prices for any necessary medical care. When servicing the customers of other assistance companies in Bulgaria Lechassist Assistance provides telecommunication support for free.

We also provide automobile medical transport in Europe, Russia -The cost well below Western European carriers.